Mentoring is invaluable during a period of transition – whether individuals are increasing their level of responsibility, taking on a new role, growing a career in a new direction or developing a skill. Done well, it can be life changing.

superYou’s Mentoring programme equips mentors and mentees with the skills to build powerful and lasting mentoring relationships.

We take a lateral approach to developing mentoring in organisations. Gone are the days when advice could only come from the very top. Whether it’s peer-to-peer, reverse, expert or business mentoring, we help you find the best approach for your organisation.

What it does for your Mentees

  • Builds a support network for return to work employees across the business

  • Increases your confidence in managing both aspects of your life

  • Puts you in control so you can make the changes you want

  • Identifies your ‘tipping point’ and how to manage this

  • Builds stronger relationships at work and home

  • Increases satisfaction and fulfilment in work and life

What it does for your Mentors

  • The opportunity for you to give something back
  • Increases your self-worth and personal satisfaction
  • Develops your personal skills
  • Re-energizes your career
  • Continues to build knowledge of the organisation

What it does for your organisation

  • Improves retention rates
  • Improves talent pipeline
  • Increases morale among employees
  • Promotes a family friendly culture
  • Builds a positive image/reputation for the organisation
  • Reduces recruitment costs