Managing Your Career Growth

As organisations become flatter, the traditional career ladder is being replaced by a more creative, lateral approach. For many people, having a role with purpose, autonomy, meaning and opportunities to grow are a higher priority than simply moving up the next rung.

superYou’s Managing Your Career programme gives your people the confidence to take ownership of their careers by examining and exploring their key drivers – their values, passions, strengths, skills and styles – and looking at getting the best fit with your organisation’s needs.

What it does for you

  • Helps you become clear and focused about what you want from your career
  • Puts you in control so you can make the change you want
  • Feel more fulfilled and passionate about the work that you do
  • Develops your personal brand/identity
  • Feel confident in building your core strengths and skills
  • Improves work/life balance

What it does for the organisation

  • Builds capability and experience within the organisation
  • Employees can better adapt to organisational needs
  • Lifts levels of engagement and productivity by aligning interest and organisational needs
  • Increases opportunities for internal mobility and retaining top talent
  • Provides focused, continuous, relevant learning