Leadership Coaching

Organisations thrive when their people feel passionate, committed and loyal. superYou’s Leadership Coaching helps leaders and managers develop their leadership style and approach to build effective and focused teams. They grow their confidence to tackle tough people challenges. In turn their people feel inspired and supported to deliver their best work.

Our Approach

Typical Challenges

  • Developing effective Leadership behaviours and approaches
  • Improving performance in key areas
  • Getting to grips with new roles, responsibilities
  • Tackling behavioural issues
  • Managing stress and work-life balance


  • An initial Chemistry meeting
  • 4-6 further sessions lasting between 1 and 2 hours
  • If necessary, a three-way meeting including line-management
  • Goal setting, measures of sucess agreed
  • We use a range of established and proven tools such as 360, MBTI, Career Anchors, Strengths Finder

What it does for you

  • Brings fresh perspectives on your personal challenges
  • Helps you transition effectively to leadership/management role
  • Gives you strategies to help you change self-limiting habits and behaviours
  • Builds stronger relationships at work 
  • Puts you in control so you can make the change you want
  • Increases satisfaction and fulfilment in work and life

What it does for your organisation

  • Increases opportunities for retaining top talent
  • Matches the business needs with the capacity, capability and potential of the people within it
  • Lifts levels of engagement and productivity by helping employees work smarter
  • Helps employees deliver longer term results and drives the future growth of the organisation