Career Coaching

The world of work has changed dramatically in the last twenty years. It is not unusual to change jobs or careers several times. Asking yourself, “What do I want?” is an essential, if sometimes daunting, question. Individual coaching gives you the support to explore possibilities, challenge your assumptions and confront your fears, as well as coming up with a variety of practical steps forward.

Our Approach

Typical Challenges

  • Helping to transition into a new role
  • Dealing with or seeking promotion
  • Taking steps towards a career change
  • Starting a new business
  • Investigating a more fulfilling direction
  • Finding more enrichment in current role


  • An initial Chemistry meeting
  • 4-6 further sessions lasting between 1 and 2 hours
  • Goal setting, measures of success agreed
  • We use a range of established and proven tools such as 360, MBTI, Career Anchors, Strengths Finder

Benefits to you

  • Helping you become clear and focused about what you want from your career
  • Puts you in control so you can make the change you want
  • Feel more fulfilled and passionate about the work that you do
  • Develops your personal brand/identity
  • Feel confident in building your core strengths and skills
  • Improves work/life balance

Benefits to your organisation

  • Builds capability and experience within the organisation
  • Employees can better adapt to organisational needs
  • Lifts levels of engagement and productivity by aligning interest and organisational needs
  • Increases opportunities for internal mobility and retaining top talent
  • Provides focused, continuous, relevant learning