About Us

superYou was created by Amy Savage to help people flourish at work and fulfil their true potential. We use a combination of programmes, workshops and coaching to help people to take stock of their careers, understand their values and ambitions, visualise their goals, and create practical strategies to make it happen.

As well as working with individuals, we also develop the skills of leaders and managers to act as mentors and career coaches, so that it becomes part of ‘the way things are done around here’.


Our Philosophy

We believe a successful career is one that allows you to play to your strengths, live your values, and grow – personally and professionally. We also believe you can enjoy the journey!

We challenge self-limiting assumptions and beliefs and encourage lateral thinking about career growth – helping you work out what’s right for you and what opportunities you can create.

We like working with organisations that understand how important career growth is to keeping and developing their talent. We believe that progressive, empowering leadership helps people fulfil their potential and we give organisations the tools to deliver it.

Amy Savage

Director / Coach

Amy has supported people in a variety of roles, including high-level executives, various levels of management, as well as private individuals. She has helped many individuals and organisations to identify talent, realise ambitions, and achieve excellence, as well as that all-important work-life balance. Amy has been described as warm, enlightening and inspirational, but she is also prepared to challenge habitual and obstructive behaviour or thought processes. She has the skills to tackle issues in a positive and productive way. And mostly, she has a passionate belief that work should be a fulfilling and enriching part of our lives.

Amy brings over 10 years experience working in learning and development for organisations including IMG, MTV and Channel 4. During that time she worked closely with senior management teams to identify the key organisational challenges and opportunities developing L&D strategies and training programmes to meet the needs of the employees and to deliver long-term business success.

Amy is an accredited coach with the Institute of Leadership Management, a Myers Briggs accredited practitioner, a member of the Association of Coaching, a Certified NLP Practitioner and an Associate member of CIPD.

Katrina Wray


Katrina has worked for 18 years as a facilitator and coach.  She has been a Learning & Development specialist in a large media organisation and, since becoming a facilitator, has worked across a range of industries in the UK, Europe, USA and the Far East.  Her work includes strengths-based leadership coaching, offsite team facilitation, organisational consultancy and change projects. Katrina works with leaders, managers and individuals to help them to build their teams and achieve their goals. She is an experienced coach with a knack for helping individuals find clarity in complex situations.

Katrina has worked with organisations such as HSBC, Sony Entertainment Europe, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, Digital Cinema Media, Electrocomponents and Ogilvy & Mather. She has a BSc in Experimental Psychology and a Diploma in Training Management.  She is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, is accredited in Schroder’s High Performance Leadership Behaviours and is qualified to use a number of psychometric tools.

“Katrina is very empathetic, patient and insightful and it was a great experience to work with her.”
CFO, Top 4 UK Bank

“Katrina was engaging and very perceptive”
Senior Manager

Abbie Jackson


Abbie has a strong commercial background, having started her career in Media Sales where she managed a team across press, digital, creative solutions and magazines, and was responsible for around £30 million in revenue. In 2010, Abbie took the leap into learning and development, working in various roles for News UK

She has coached senior leadership teams and individuals to identify key organisational challenges, designed and delivered bespoke development solutions.

Abbie has worked with a huge range of people at all levels from different industries. Her belief is that whether you are an executive, just starting out, or part way through your career, coaching can be beneficial for all.

Abbie holds a CIPD qualification and is a CIPD Coach and Mentor, MBTI Practitioner, NLP Practitioner and has an Advanced Certificate in Psychological Coaching. She is also an Associate Member of the Association of Coaching.

Clients include: Global Radio, ITV, Edelman PR, Get Connected and Live Nation

Key areas of expertise include: Leadership and management development, behavioural skills, Internal Coaching and Mentoring and change management